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How to rebuild PBD with PowerBuilder

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2014, 07:36
by ourxp89
I have a compiled pbd file which I need to edit and make a very small change to the code.

I tried using a HEX editor, but unless I have the wrong settings, that doesnt seem to work?

The file was built with PowerBuilder 6.5.1 and I have PowerBuilder 6.5. I get an error when I try and load any window object. Is there really a big difference between the two version that will fail to load the window object in PB? If I use PBBrowse I can see the window and object properties and could rebuild the window objects in last case scenario.

I also used pbdumper and I can extract the source files from the pbd (once I rename the file to .pbl). But is there another way to rebuild all the source files and successfully generate an updated .pbd with the changes I need?

Re: How to rebuild PBD with PowerBuilder

PostPosted: 06 May 2016, 05:35
by Malge Gajanan
What is the error that you are getting.