HELP: Version Control Software?

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Postby LooN3y » 08 Jul 2015, 14:41


Our company has been around since 1995, and the Owner and main developer has never used any version control software.

To cut the story short, he doesn't think researching and deciding on a version control software is a good use of our time. But its literally impeding on our existent workflow (if you can call it that), coding is getting overwritten, (USA developers work during day time here, and Overseas developers work during night time in USA (daytime there).

I was looking at GIT and couple others, does anyone else have some experience with version control software? And does it work well with Powerbuilder? I read some limitations that the migration isn't perfect for power builder when using GIT, but i've also read that others had no problems.

We also try to keep most of the logic in the backend (SQL), is there any version control software that can keep track of both?

I've looked at red-gate for SQL Script managing, because this also gets overwritten as well.

RedGate also manages for .NET as well. This might be our solution, if we convert our whole System from PowerBuilder to .NET. Which i want to avoid until absolutely necessary (EX: PowerBuilder is no longer supported)

Also if someone can advise, should we stick to PowerBuilder? Since SAP bought PowerBuilder, there hasn't been too many improvements and there are bugs here and there and I'm afraid they might discontinue it.
In which we would have to slowly Migrate to .NET or Swift (if it gets adopted universally)

Just wanted some advice and thoughts.

Thank you
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Link to this posting

Postby Ursego » 10 Aug 2015, 13:32

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