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Postby pb125_AtaLoss » 13 Sep 2015, 21:48

Greetings all,
Sorry to admit I've been programming since ARPAnet days including some nice systems in PB-4.0 thru PB-6.5, However now, in my old age, I haven't a clue how to get started- how to begin with PB12.5 ( classic). The app I'm trying to stat is off to a good start, but I now realize from meeting with the manager that I'm going to need all or more of the PFC, PFE and likely PFD's.
I can hold my own with writing script, creating objects & structures, tables ( although Proxie Objects are new to me.

In short I need to go from absolutely World-Class Beginner to World Class PB coder in a week or two - No pressure here !

My question - and my reason for joining is fairly straightforward; I need to me reminded / refreshed how to load PBL's into my library.
At some point (sooner than later) this app will require a lot of OCX, (video and secure comm) Networking across various platforms (x.400-maybe?) and Web connectivity - which these days I guess means Cloud but that's another topic.

My fear is that I'll be well into the development stage and learn that I've left out some vital piece of code ( API or some such item) and have to preform a lot of back=-peddling to make things right.
Can some kind coder PLS assist to get me off the ground into the air?

Tnx a 10^6 !

- At a Loss
ps the demo app I have running today is MDI with PFC (automatically loaded) with some basic data-windows, and a handful of Child windows [ Based on knowledge from PB 6.5] -
I' would like to fine a skeleton app that I can turn into a full-blow mission critical app -
or at least find someone who can point me in the right direction so that I don't miss something really important.
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