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Postby Ursego » 21 Feb 2013, 23:58

Hi guys!

I have created this forum to keep some stuff related to PowerBuilder and common coding style (having been accumulated after many years) - with the ability to comment and discuss conveniently if somebody will want. Initially, I wanted to install a blogging engine like WordPress but I found forums much more handy in keeping things arranged well and easily accessible (and not buried in nowhere after a while).

If you want to use this forum not only for reading (and, maybe, commenting) my stuff but also for your own needs (to transfer some knowledge or ask a question) - please feel free! After all, it's a forum!

BTW... Have you paid attention that even today (when PB is looking coming back to life after many years of slow dying) there is no real, alive forum in our area? There are a few groups in the social networks but technically they are so inconvenient in use... Google finds a couple of old REAL forums but they are not looking alive... Is that situation normal? Programmers, using other languages and environments, enjoy tons of forums in their areas, and what about us? Are we worse? No, I am not expecting this forum to grow to a serious project, but if somebody wants to become a moderator and breathe life into the forum - please let me know!

Finally we have a site with a domain name PowerBuilder.<something> which is not about bodybuilding! :lol:

Yours, Michael Zuskin
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