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Postby Ursego » 19 Feb 2013, 21:37

Data, contained in a DataStore, can be saved as an Excel file when you are debugging. For that, insert a new Watch with the following expression (change ids_XXX to of your real DS):

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ids_XXX.SaveAs("C:\aaa_" + String(Today(), "yyyymmdd") + "_" + String(Now(), "hhmmss") + ".xls", Excel!, true)

Data will be saved:
1. Immediately after you have created the Watch.
2. Each time the script is executed while the application is in the debug mode.
As you see, the name of the created file contains the current date and time, so you don't have to delete the existing file to prevent failure when the DataStore's data is saved next time. You can also save it as a text file:

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ids_XXX.SaveAs("C:\aaa_" + String(Today(), "yyyymmdd") + "_" + String(Now(), "hhmmss") + ".txt", Text!, true)

The last argument, passed to SaveAs(), manages displaying of columns' headers in the first line of the created Excel/text file. Pass true ("display headers") if you want to open the file and have a look on the data, but if your intent is to import the file into a DataWindow, then pass false to prevent an import error (the header will be interpreted as the first row of data).
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